Sunday, 1 July 2012

Milos - Wednesday, Mandrakia to Firapotamus and beyond

West along the North Coast with SW5/6 winds.

Getting ready to launch

The harbour at Mandrakia

A big cave

Catherine has a new chauffeur - Dave

Who likes rock hopping as much as her. Bizarre 'attack' from a rock monster as they were lifted out of the water by a rock pillar that everyone else seemed to miss

Jumping at Firapotamus - this is Rod upside-down - well he is Australian

Statler and Waldorf watch the jumping- actually, we don't look grumpy enough

OK, I got talked into a jump with Catherine - nobody mentioned you had to swim as well

then it was out round the headland to play in the lumpy stuff before lunch and some rolling practice - notice Catherine has swapped to yet another back seat paddler.

Mike setting up

and on the way back up

Me - is that paddle too far from my chest?
About 10k paddled

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