Sunday, 1 July 2012

Milos -Tuesday, North Coast - Mandrakia to Pollonia

The forecast was West or South West 4/5 which precluded going far offshore, but offered a nice one-way trip starting in the relatively sheltered environment of the North Coast caves.

Getting the group on the water at Mandrakia

Staying within the mini reef

Then touring the cliffs
and caves
Sarakiniko as you will probably never see it (minus several hundred tourists)

Jumping for the brave

Diving for the braver

Pleasant cruising before lunch - Anglesey Stick style 
Lunch and kayak gymnastics

More exposed to the wind now. Sammy (Green boat behind Mike) lost his hat and sunglasses when he swam, but was relieved to discover how simple a deep water rescue was

but still very pleasant paddling

in perfect surroundings
With a nice headwind to finish at Pollonia - what more could you ask for?
About 13k paddled

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