Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Caernarfon bar the weather

Just been for a walk along Newborough beach (Traeth Niwbwrch). Lots of ravens (50+) enjoying the updraft as the wind hits the edge of the dunes. At least the sea was rough enough to explain why I have not been in a kayak for a while.

Conditions have not been kind to the outer starboard bar buoy (C1), which has a temporary new home on the beach.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Commando Kayaking part two - getting to the pudding beach

The basic idea is simple enough - go kayaking without using a motor vehicle, and you will no doubt have been enthralled by my previous post

Today is all about the practicalities of towing your kayak with a bicycle. The obvious approach was to look on the web (JFGI) for a possible method (you don't always want to reinvent the wheel), and see what could be created from scrap lying around .

Google had plenty of hits, and most solutions looked something like this:

picture courtesy of Tony's Trailers in BC, Canada

Two things come to mind when you look at the picture - do you need a bar running down the length of the kayak? and maybe the hitch is too high on the bike for stability/flexibility? - think motorbike and sidecar.

I already had a trolley with road wheels that could be fixed fairly securely to the kayak with standard tape 'roofrack' straps - surely all I needed was something simple at one end of the kayak to connect it to the bike?

A piece of plywood, a couple of brackets, and a bungee - simple but effective.

The tow is surprisingly positive, and the bungee allows enough movement for cornering though you have to remember how long the bike/kayak combination is, and not cut corners.

Other road users seem to keep well clear (occasional applause), and as far as I can find out, there is no restriction on bicycles towing trailers.

Does anyone think the bracket would be a viable commercial product?
Would you buy one?
Likely price range?