Friday, 19 October 2012


A slightly perverse trip in terms of tidal planning, as you paddle out of the estuary on the flood, and back in against the ebb - but when you only have a couple of hours to spare this trip is a good way to see a quieter part of the Anglesey shoreline.

Mouth of the Cefni

Looking seaward - not much water ...

The buoyage system is fairly basic

You can just about tell what this is

A gradual change from protected estuary to being at sea as you approach and then round the headland.

This beach seems to save a wave for when I land or launch

Although looking at the Google satellite image - maybe there is always some surf here.  

About 13k paddled - see SKW Trip Planning for information on launching, tidal planning, etc.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Trip Planning

Used the SeaKayakWales trip planning service (currently undergoing beta testing) yesterday. Forecast was NNE3/4 sunshine and showers. According to the trip plan, I was due to leave Foel at 11:15, and was not much later at 11:30 ...

A quiet start at Foel

Looking to windward
Pretty calm conditions to begin with, but livened up a bit later, and had to work reasonably hard on the stretch from Plas Newydd to Nelson.

Approaching 'Southport Girl'

Got to Nelson at about 13:15 (ETA from trip plan was 13:35), before paddling back to the shore at Pwll Fanogl.

Busy at Fanogl
A few people about, including some that were interested in my paddle. Lunched on tea and sausages - some things taste better outdoors.

The Plas Menai taxi
A group from Plas Menai were dinghy sailing - here getting ferried out to their boats. Could nearly keep up with them on the way back until the wind picked up and they zoomed off. Still, a quick return trip with wind and tide both in my favour. Off the water at 15:10 - about 19k paddled.

Sailing By

Assume clipped pompous 'Yachtie' voice - "I must say, the standard of seamanship on display by some was dire - fenders hanging everywhere, poor choice of sail ..."

Monday, 20 August 2012

Three times in one week

Unless I am on holiday, and even then, probably only if it is a kayaking holiday, it is a rare enough treat to get out on the water more than once or twice a week.


Rich had this idea of joining Roger at Aberdaron, paddling round to Porth Oer via the delights of Bardsey Sound (all I am saying is that it lived up to its reputation) and then walking back to collect the car. About 16k of paddling (no pictures as it was not the kind of conditions where you wanted to let go of your paddle - you know, when nobody talks much as they are concentrating on staying in the boat)


Paddled Dafarch to Holyhead (with Roger and Kev as far as North Stack), and yes, it still is quite a long way round the breakwater- mind you I was not in a hurry and more than happy to bimble along

Early morning at Dafarch

We begin our quest

Approaching South Stack
Conditions could not have been much more different as we searched in turn for Penrhyn Mawr and the Stacks' Races.

The trip completed my circumnavigation of Anglesey in the record time of 4 years (less 10 days) - John will be getting worried that I am becoming a threat. I celebrated by leaving all my kit at Nigel's place (thanks) then walked back to Dafarch to collect the car.


We have friends over from Ireland who want to try sea kayaking, so head for one of Anglesey's best beginners spots:

A rare outing for Tim's Capella and the stealth boat

Irene gets the knack

Happy paddlers (Ok, I am the grumpy one at the back)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Milos - Tuesday, West coast of Kimolos to Annoying Donkey Beach

Calm conditions and very calm for a Kimolos crossing.

Leaving Pollonia

South coast of Kimolos

Catherine, her Anglesey Stick and her Necky Chatham

We did paddle together sometimes

Good stacks, arches and caves on this trip

Barb in front of a camel

The jumping spot

Vanessa said her new boyfriend can be a bit stubborn

The wind got up a bit, and Catherine was showing off her back deck roll in the surf, before we headed for home.

Some proper waves for the crossing back to Milos - about 12k paddled.

Milos - Monday, Glaronisia

Another calm day with light Northerlies to start instead of the forecast SW3/4. A skills day as we were such a small group. About 12k paddled.

Catherine in a Necky Chatham

Catherine in a cave

Anglesey Sticks

Morning break

Roll and/or be rescued
 Catherine got her roll going when we stopped for lunch at Agios Kostantinos, then it was offshore to Galronisia

Columnar jointed basalt

before a very pleasant crossing back to Mandrakia.

Milos - Sunday, Arkadia islands from Firapotamus

Early start and no morning stop as some in the party needed to be back in time for the afternoon flight. Very calm conditions in light SW winds. About 10k paddled. Starting from Firapotamus

Trachilas Stacks 


Out round the headland to the Trachilas Stacks

Heading out to the islands

Chatting to Ben, about the Burbage edges (near Sheffield) amongst other things

then across to 'Big Akradia'

Sliding past a not very hospitable shore

round the back of both islands

A fairly neat boat stack

to land at the 'port'

A rare site

Outside the church

Lunch at the church, then up hill to explore the lighthouse, before walking back down to the boats - one or more dolphins chasing fish - maybe a tuna?

Bimbling along waiting for the ferry to go by

Monday, 2 July 2012

Milos - Saturday, The sulphur mine trip

A low key beginners' trip in light winds (SW2/3) with a special guest.

Nearly ready to launch at Paleohori

The special guest for the day - Peros, definitely not a passenger in the front of the boat

Scenic or what?

Catherine enjoying being in a single

A wet exit ably demonstrated by Peros

Rescue practice for some. Two or three unintentional swims during the day - won't mention any names
John's back - a butterfly?

A very calm Grandfather cave

A sleepy Peros

But, not for long
Lunch was a relaxed affair

Catherine cruising home with Stacey
About 12k paddled - a good effort from Michelle and Iris who were new to sea kayaking