Thursday, 28 June 2012

Milos - Sunday, Psathi to Kleftico and back

Winds were pretty light, but a fair bit of wave action and associated surf launches and landings. Very leisurely lunch at Kleftico, then a quick trip back via a lively cave (Blue cave 2) and a very lively 'slot' - apparently only my hat was visible at one point and I discovered a brace I did not really know I had, and how quickly you can get a bow rudder to bite ...

Sue rock hopping

Plenty of sticks in use

A nice arch

Sue giving the large stick some wellie

Classic Kleftico

This trip planning is taxing - not
Cleared up the beach when we got back to Psathi. 17k paddled

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Milos - Saturday, South East Kimolos

Offshore trip to Kimolos. NW4/5

On days like this in Milos, you wonder if we teach sea kayaking the right way in the UK. The Milos method goes something like - chuck two beginners in a double, give then 10 minutes tuition within the shelter of the harbour - then, just go for it.

Rudder down just in case it was needed

Some swell, but waves not too big

Although a few had broken tops

Dave safeguarding the back of the group

Good rock formations

Walking up the hill to town

Exploring the old town

Happy paddlers relaxing in a Kafeneio
A great day on the water - about 15k paddled.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Milos - Thursday, Mandrakia to Pollonia

One way trip along the North coast. SW5 gusting 6

Launch from Mandrakia

Happy paddlers in a double together

Caves and arches

Ulrich using the 'Aleutian' paddle

Sarakiniko in early season

Catherine throwing herself at me

Wind beginning to get up

Catherine and I on tail-end Charlie duties

In synch at last
About 12k paddled

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Milos - Wednesday, Cape Vani

Launch from Plathiena and out past 'The Bears' - wind not as strong as the forecast SW4/5

Surf launch at Plathiena

Straight across the bay to land at the rather dirty beach of Kontaro

John as Moses
Then out round Cape Vani to play in the bigger waves (good ride through a cave 'slot' on the way back)

Cape Vani

Before landing at Vani beach

Rod's new hobby - rock balancing
After lunch, some mine exploration

Where are we going

Must be bats
Back across to 'The Bears' with a pleasant tail wind keeping a lookout for ferries

Catherine near 'The Bears'
About 14k paddled

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Milos - Monday, The Akradia Islands

Calm conditions (can this really be Milos) and a very relaxed trip out to The Akradia Islands.

Getting ready to launch at Firopotamos

Small Anglesey Stick with epoxied end caps

Catherine with Rod in a double

First cave of the week

Plenty of rock hopping and arches

Romance after 36 years - Akradia islands in the background

Orderly paddle (the odd ferry passes) across to the islands followed by a circumnavigation of each prior to landing at the 'port'.

John - now you see him

A graceful entry into the water

Self rescue

The 'port' 
Time for a relaxed swim before lunch up the hill by the old church, and a visit to the lighthouse which is becoming seriously decrepit.

About 12k paddled