Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Assistant's Life - an update for 2016

It seems that the original Assistant's Life blog has become a bit of an introduction manual for those aspiring to the role, so here are a few changes that bring it up to date with current practice:

Once the boats are off the trailer, the assistant is responsible for extracting and stacking the paddles (leaning against the trailer) before attending to their own kit. Beware the left-hand control paddles which need to be kept separate and are usually best left in the trailer. If you stack all the paddles the same way round, it is easy to spot a lefty that has tried to infiltrate. Rod does not find it particularly funny if he ends up demonstrating how to feather with a paddle that does not really work in that context - I am sure you get the idea.

As a general rule the assistant will be the last to leave the beach. This makes sure that all the customers are safely on the water, and gives an opportunity to have a look round for kit that may have been left behind.

General rules are of course ones that don't apply in all situations, and the most likely reason you will have to leave the beach rather earlier is when an offshore wind is blowing your group steadily or even rapidly out to sea. If you have not noticed, you can expect to here the dulcet tones of the boss as he gently suggests that you might care to go and herd them back towards the beach.