Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Underwear the bridge goes

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Usually, arranging a trip for more than two boats, is a guarantee of a slow start to the day, but everyone was early in terms of collecting kit and kayaks, and we rather beat the tide to Gallows Point - still, good to have a relaxing start.

Bimbled along in the direction of Menai Bridge.....

past this house that we once thought of buying - well just the old bath-house in the middle really - wonder how high the tide gets on a big spring?

Heading into Menai Bridge, and although we are still early in terms of the tide, you could be forgiven for thinking that it had already changed (look at the way the boats are lying).

Traditional stop for tea at Porth Daniel - with an extra treat from Tim of Ice-creams.

Lots of jelly-fish in the straits, and one rather large fellow (Lion's Mane?) next to our boats.

Met John Willacy on his way back from playing on the Swellies wave, who mentioned that the bridge was festooned with bras as part of a fundraiser for MacMillan Cancer Support.

As we paddled abreast of the bridge, you could see what was suspended there

Relaxed lunch stop East of Nelson, then rode the tide all the way to Foel - it was like paddling in the Med, with warm sea, blue skies and good company. James had not been in a kayak for about 3 years, but easily paddled the 18k.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Sea-sickness can be bullocks

A casual evening paddle from Cable bay to Aberffraw and back at the end of another hot sunny day - well, that was the plan.

The weather had rather closed in by the time we got to Cable bay

and from the shore, it looked pretty calm. The wind was blowing SE3/4 on the East Coast and SW3 on the West coast. Once we were on the water, the waves seemed to be responding to both, and you had to concentrate to make sure your paddle actually entered the water rather than a hole. Pretty soon Emma was suffering from Sea-sickness (luckily Tim was not on this trip) so when we stopped at 'The Church In The Sea' (St. Cwyfan's) she opted to walk back along the coast via some neat onlookers.

Rich was happy enough to paddle the double by himself, so we set off

The sea was a little calmer a first, but there was quite a big swell running into the beach at Aberffraw. Rich did comment that there was a lot of 'white' flashing along the beach, but I reckoned we could get ashore safely, paddle up the river, and get Emma to come and pick us up. Of course, everything went to plan - the landing was so exciting that Rich reckoned his heart-rate only got back to near normal about half way up the river, and Emma had no phone reception - still, a nice evening for a walk...............