Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Back in the pool

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Pool session last week (PYB) - the first for 3 years, and boy did it feel like it.

First couple of rolls worked fine (which was reassuring), but mostly downhill from then until near the end of the session when everyone was rolling fairly efficiently.

Well, someone has to supervise...

Quite forgotten how tiring throwing yourself upside-down gets. Still good to get the practice in relatively warm water.

Rich holding two sticks for the lesser spotted orange dolphin to jump through (or maybe I spent too long under water)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Breaking the ice - a woolly hat paddle

The plan was simple - put in at the old mermaid (Foel) and paddle round the corner and up the Braint to the stepping stones for brunch, and then paddle back.

The plan was nearly scuppered by the quantity of ice on the road down to Foel, but there was enough sunshine to compensate for the cold ambient air (-5).

Emma had some concerns about our newbie paddler, but the water temperature was sufficient threat to ensure that he stayed in his boat (actually Tim's boat).

and he was paddling well by the end of the trip.

Fine trip in bright sunshine and good company with a few surface ice-floes to break through (less than a similar trip last year). Slightly embarrassing when we realised that we were nearly in Dwyran and had missed the stepping stones altogether - but then, they seem to have disappeared...... and whats a couple of k between friends?

Emma reckons that one of the advantages of a double kayak is being able to drink tea 'en passage'

Great views of the mountains on the return trip.

But the temperature was already dropping quickly - so we freeze-dried the kit.