Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Red or Green

Recognising your buoys is one thing, knowing what they actually mean might be another.

This is obviously a Port hand buoy - 'can' rather than 'cone' shape, even number and Red (apologies to paddlers in the IALA B region), but am I in the channel, or not (the land is Anglesey, and the 'C' on the buoy is for Caernarfon)?

Answers on a postcard ...........

Good to be paddling in sunshine though not everyone though so.

Probably got the security guard at the Indy excited when this vision came up on his monitor.

Quick nod to Nelson, and then back the way we had come, via the only cave on the trip.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Fame at last

Spent an unusual but enjoyable time last week being interviewed by Huw Jenkins about Anglesey Sticks. As well as the work on behalf of Radio Wales, Huw was kind enough to put together a promo video.

The weather was not particularly kind, but the lack of wind was very helpful for sound recording quality, and ensuring that the sound recordist and his equipment stayed dry.

Rich kindly provided safety boat cover, and just gets a cameo role in the vid.