Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Too busy for a race

Have been very busy in the workshop with paddle orders, and preparing a batch of sticks for Pete Baars new shop in Valley.

Just managed to get out to see the start of the race last week-end, and Catherine took some pictures from the bridge - all in all, a good effort by organisers and participants.

Excellent link on Mark Tozer's blog about how you tell when someone is drowning.

Race pics

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Slightly belatedly, some pictures from the Anglesey Symposium.

Anglesey Stick at Porth Dafarch
Much quieter on the beach than previous years, but some familiar stalwarts like Dan from Tiderace

Rich in the Tiderace Xtreme

were in evidence, and a good opportunity to meet some interesting people (for example Robin Ruddock) as well as take a few orders for paddles, and get some feedback on the wobblers.

Monday saw an 'Inuit Games' event

Inuit Games

for which, we had provided a couple of harpoons (with throwing sticks or Norsaqs)

Anglesey Stick Harpoon

Harpoon throwing from a wobbler (I didn't know Colin Charvis was interested in such things)

A strong Easterly wind blew for most of the weekend, so it was possible to be cold and sunburnt at the same time.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Malltraeth Bore

You will no doubt have heard fearsome accounts of the Malltraeth Bore*, but we overcame our natural trepidation and attempted the 'Cefni Ascent'.

*Catherine even went to one of his lectures - mind, she did not stay long.