Monday, 8 April 2013

They have paved paradise ...

Nice quiet paddle out round Llanddwyn yesterday - my second time out this year, and long overdue as I am supposed to be fit for duty in Milos from mid May.

The new car park is not exactly to my taste - more supermarket than SSSI, more big mac than big outdoors ...

The new retail park look

but the new kayak launching system is great ...

Start here

Bear left

Allow gravity to guide your kayak trolley to the water's edge

(The pictures were taken later the same day as the old camera seems to have given up the ghost)

My hands were still pretty cold as it was fairly early in the day (on the water for about 08:15), but calm conditions until the tide turned and the wind picked up from the S/SE - just enough to remind you that this is sea kayaking. About 9k paddled. Sun just breaking through as I got off the water - think I managed to snatch the worst of the day.