Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Milos - Tuesday, West coast of Kimolos to Annoying Donkey Beach

Calm conditions and very calm for a Kimolos crossing.

Leaving Pollonia

South coast of Kimolos

Catherine, her Anglesey Stick and her Necky Chatham

We did paddle together sometimes

Good stacks, arches and caves on this trip

Barb in front of a camel

The jumping spot

Vanessa said her new boyfriend can be a bit stubborn

The wind got up a bit, and Catherine was showing off her back deck roll in the surf, before we headed for home.

Some proper waves for the crossing back to Milos - about 12k paddled.

Milos - Monday, Glaronisia

Another calm day with light Northerlies to start instead of the forecast SW3/4. A skills day as we were such a small group. About 12k paddled.

Catherine in a Necky Chatham

Catherine in a cave

Anglesey Sticks

Morning break

Roll and/or be rescued
 Catherine got her roll going when we stopped for lunch at Agios Kostantinos, then it was offshore to Galronisia

Columnar jointed basalt

before a very pleasant crossing back to Mandrakia.

Milos - Sunday, Arkadia islands from Firapotamus

Early start and no morning stop as some in the party needed to be back in time for the afternoon flight. Very calm conditions in light SW winds. About 10k paddled. Starting from Firapotamus

Trachilas Stacks 


Out round the headland to the Trachilas Stacks

Heading out to the islands

Chatting to Ben, about the Burbage edges (near Sheffield) amongst other things

then across to 'Big Akradia'

Sliding past a not very hospitable shore

round the back of both islands

A fairly neat boat stack

to land at the 'port'

A rare site

Outside the church

Lunch at the church, then up hill to explore the lighthouse, before walking back down to the boats - one or more dolphins chasing fish - maybe a tuna?

Bimbling along waiting for the ferry to go by

Monday, 2 July 2012

Milos - Saturday, The sulphur mine trip

A low key beginners' trip in light winds (SW2/3) with a special guest.

Nearly ready to launch at Paleohori

The special guest for the day - Peros, definitely not a passenger in the front of the boat

Scenic or what?

Catherine enjoying being in a single

A wet exit ably demonstrated by Peros

Rescue practice for some. Two or three unintentional swims during the day - won't mention any names
John's back - a butterfly?

A very calm Grandfather cave

A sleepy Peros

But, not for long
Lunch was a relaxed affair

Catherine cruising home with Stacey
About 12k paddled - a good effort from Michelle and Iris who were new to sea kayaking

Milos - Friday, Cape Vani in the sunshine

Light winds (W or SW 2), sunshine and good company - a very relaxed trip of about 14k

Launch from Plathiena

Passing 'The Bears' (as featured on a recent cover of Ocean Paddler)

Rescue practice - Mike rescuing his sister

Catherine volunteers. Note the black tipped Anglesey Stick - epoxy coating then paint

Kontaro beach

A bit livelier around the headland of Cape Vani

Some of us are ready for lunch

Post prandial swim

Martin seems to have been converted to using a stick

Towing practice on the way back including the 'dog-leg' tow and a couple of contact tow examples.

As Catherine says, more like a dog than a bear from this angle