Monday, 2 July 2012

Milos - Thursday, a trip down the East Coast

Voudia bay to the sulphur mines and back. SW6 with some pretty fierce gusts.

Voudia Bay, North East Milos
Rod wanted to use the large Anglesey Stick in tougher conditions, so I tried the Northern Light 'Aleutian inspired paddle' which has two rather different faces - more on that later.

Not the sort of weather we are used to in Greece - bit like home really

Two very strong Norwegian paddlers with us on this trip - Vivi and Martin

Not all the trip was exposed to the elements

but, you kind of knew what was coming ...

Cruising along with the carbon 'Aleutian'

The clouds are gathering

and the wind is still building

Using the sliding stroke ....
So, I had been getting on pretty well with the carbon paddle until this point. In the stronger wind conditions I wanted the extra power that comes from using a sliding stroke. Because of the profile of the shoulders on this paddle, you can only really slide with the flat (slightly concave) face away from you. Unfortunately this face 'snatches' in the wind and the paddle becomes very difficult to control.

Lunchtime. How many BCU stars does it take to light a fire?

Back on the water

On the way back to Voudia Bay
About 12k paddled. Torrential rain just after we had the boats loaded on the trailer.

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