Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Granny Wales

Construction now has its own blog at Anglesey Boat

Sunday (23rd) was an odd day that ended well with a casual paddle out to Pilots for a picnic on the beach.

Des (new to kayaking) found the red capella rather twitchy, and did well to stay in the boat and learn to use a stick.

Catherine (first trip since hip replacement) had the luxury of an inboard power unit.

and I was just glad to be on the water.

We toasted 'Granny Wales' with champagne (thanks Emma)

before eating burgers and sausages courtesy of Des.

Very calm conditions on the return trip, with the moon reflected in the sea.

A special evening, in a special place - and time for private thoughts ....

Monday, 24 May 2010

Mist the tide

Planned a trip suitable for beginners this week - Traeth Lligwy to Moelfre and back (about 8k) - very sheltered with a light SW wind. Nice sunny day when we left home, but misty at Lligwy.

In the event, we ended up with no beginners, and rather late leaving the beach, but it was easy and relaxed, if a little spooky feeling, on the way to Moelfre lifeboat station

Stopped on the old lifeboat slip - there is a yacht anchored behind me in this picture

which we only noticed when the mist lifted for a while.

Still, good enough venue for tea and butties.

Introduced Will (trainee outdoor pursuits instructor - who only just fitted in the stealth boat) to paddling with a stick on the way back

Talking of such things, this is Rui in Portugal with his new Anglesey Stick

We paid the price for the late start, with the length of the carry back up the beach - whose stupid idea was it to start running?

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sunny but cold at Porth Dafarch

Spent the bank holiday week-end being simultaneously sun burnt and frozen standing (mainly) on the beach at Porth Dafarch during the Anglesey Seakayak Symposium.

Saturday started off pretty slowly, and I think Mike Webb from Rockpool Kayaks may have been our only visitor

but from Saturday afternoon onwards we were pretty busy, with lots of interest in the sticks, and requests for demonstrations (and a few orders).

It was also good to put a face to a few names (Martin Rickard who is using Anglesey Sticks up in Greenland, and Paul Mattock of Cybi Kayakers) and of course the beach was littered with famous (well, in the world of sea kayaking) faces.

and meet some more of the kayak retailers (Nigel seemed to 'never stop' working for Tiderace)

Quite a few paddlers this year who had made their own sticks, or who had at least bought the wood ready ..............

Got a chance to show off the double on Monday afternoon.

and have been convinced to offer the design (compact double) as a bespoke build - details to follow.

Even the beach warden is a kayaker who wants to try a stick.......