Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clear water and sky

Another pleasant evening paddle, this time from Porth Trecastell (Cable Bay) to Porth Terfyn (near Aberffraw). As nearly always, the first section (passing another Porth Terfyn) was lumpier than the general conditions would have suggested

Near Porth Trecastell
but pretty calm after Ynys Meibion, with ample opportunities for rock hopping.

Rich's Stick
Not a bad view from the beach

Porth Terfyn

With plenty of clear water - bit of an idyllic spot really, and felt like paddling in Greece with the sunshine.

Thought this channel was a bit narrow on the way back - especially after losing my transit on the old Anglesey Aluminium chimney

Narrow Channel
About 11km paddled.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A quiet evening out

A warm sunny evening, so Emma and I went for a quiet paddle out to Pilot's Cove. Just before we left the beach, we were warned that "the wind is offshore, you know". Now, you will be pleased to learn that I already has some idea that this was the case. Apart from having checked the forecast, is was - how can I put this - bleeding obvious. Actually, the wind was pretty light (N2/3) - and we were in real sea kayaks (unlike the person issuing the warning), and generally well equipped. Even well offshore, the sea state was only slight.

Llanddwyn, looking towards the Lleyn
Very pleasant paddle in the warm evening sunshine, and some fun rock hopping along the shoreline.

On the return journey, we met a couple of paddlers, heading out. She was clearly a beginner, and he was intent on fishing. They were somewhat further apart than you would have expected.

Do you think we should have told them about the wind?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A Trip of Two Halves

James was keen to take his esteemed Chinese visitor paddling on the Menai Strait. A combination of work and other commitments presented some logistical problems that were solved by Rich meeting us at Pwll Fanogl.

Annie and James leaving Foel

With hot weather and SW2/3 the trip from Foel to Menia Bridge was a relaxed affair, with wind and tide doing almost as much to push the boats along as muscles. Plenty of birds to look at (Curlew, Oystercatcher, Heron, Shellduck), but very quiet otherwise. I wonder how Plas Menai survives when there seems to be so little going on.

Traditional trip with an extra tea stop for Catherine, visit to the Plas Newydd cave, etc, with Rich's Landrover coming into view about the same time as Nelson.

Pasties, sausages and tea on the beach, then a quick re-arrangement of kit for the return leg.

Wind had been building all the time we were stopped, and of course the tide was now ebbing strongly, so paddling back was a bit wet, but fun - just over 9k in an hour - almost exactly a 5 knot average, and well over the 'speed limit' at Felinheli.