Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Isthmus be Llanddwyn

First a picture from last week (Malltraeth at half tide)

Slightly better conditions this Sunday at Newborough

and enough tide to cross the neck of the island?

Well, just enough with a little help from the knuckles.

As is often the case with a Northerly wind, more swell than is at first apparent, with the double well out of the water as it took a wave on the Malltraeth side of the 'gap'. Then round the island to picnic back on the South side.

Only one seal for company, and no dolphins.

Caught a perfect wave to surf back onto the beach

Just the carrying left to do.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wet behind the ears

Emma was super keen to give her visitors a taste of sea kayaking, so attempting to ignore the wind (SW4/5/6) and wet (face stinging), we paddled a small part of the Malltraeth estuary on Saturday.

Even in poor conditions, this venue is normally safe for beginners (provided you keep away from Lumley Bank), and at half tide the sandbanks give some respite from the full force of the wind.

Kimberley was doing well in the front of the double with Rich as the power unit, and Stuart was soon making progress once we had cured the wobbles.

Cue visit from William Wales's Big Yellow Taxi - guess they wanted to see who was daft enough to be paddling in the prevailing weather ....

Meanwhile the Wobblers are multiplying.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wobbler at Plas Y Brenin

Well, time to announce the Anglesey Wobbler as a product.

A Kayak/Greenland balance stool that helps improve core muscle strength and of course balance - seriously good fun.

Full details at The Anglesey Wobbler

Rich managed to get a few people using a wobbler at the North Wales Outdoor Partnership do at Plas Y Brenin.

This is us having a great time at the event.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Whether Window

The forecast was SE4/5 becoming SE5-7 which was not all that encouraging. Tim phoned mid morning to see if I was still intending to paddle as it was truly horrible up at his place. Suggested we took a look late afternoon, and went for a walk if discretion seemed the better part.

Launching from Foel, it was only blowing 3/4 on the nose as we set off for the Caernarfon shore, and without much fetch the waves were small enough, so it was a quick blast across to some quiet water - being enjoyed by this fellow.

Easy paddling down (Northeast) to the Plas Menai slip.

Tea and pasties, then over to the Anglesey shore via some rather more testing water, and a near perfect surf on a glassy standing wave - just like in kayaking videos - well alright, about a quarter the size.

Then eddy hopping back to Foel with the wind increasing all the time. Waves on the beam beginning to threaten (big slaps on the boat, and a wet port hand oxter), but the greatest risk was the wind snatching at your paddle - unless you were using a stick, of course.

Big gust of wind pushed us onto the beach, and signalled the start of much worse conditions for anyone staying on the water.

About 8k paddled.