Thursday, 17 November 2011

A quiet paddle

Just finished the last of the paddle orders from the Storm Gathering, which was a pretty good event from our point of view.

Bespoke paddle

A particular bonus was some video recording and editing done by Matt Giblin of Kayak Essentials and Bubble Films
with Rich demonstrating some moves on a wobbler.

All this meant that I could actually get out on the water, with a very sunny day on the Menai Strait - so long since I had been out that 20k felt like a substantial trip.

Extreme conditions at the bridge

Lots of Curlews

followed the next day by a quick paddle in a Tahe Marine Greenlander

Interesting boat to paddle, very responsive to edging, and the handling characteristics change dramatically with the skeg position. Seat was less supportive than I am used to (stomach muscles will ache), and Estonians must have very small feet.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Couth Kuthe

We have probably all met charmless ego-centric sponsored paddlers, and of course we all know that Americans are stereotypically brash, over-confident and frequently, over here. It was very pleasant therefore to meet Paul Kuthe who despite being a sponsored paddler, and 'over here' for the Storm Gathering, is clearly a fine ambassador for the sport, both in manner, and sheer paddling ability. While he was here, Paul spent a couple of days filming with Justine Curgenven, so look out for him in 'This is the Sea 5'

It has been a busy week, starting with the Storm Gathering where we shared a small retail space with Pete Baars and sales team, and ending with the Swellies Extreme races.

The green at Menai Bridge - note the big tide

Most people relaxed before the start of the race

But not John Willacy

Only one Greenland paddler - Mark Tozer

Justine Curgenven on a late run

Followed by Paul Kuthe