Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Greenland Wobbler

There is an old joke - "In which month do the Irish consume the least amount of Guinness" (see below). January always seems a long month to me - the evenings are drawing out slowly, but it is easy to find yourself in front of the television, and by tradition January is dry in our household - surprising quite how much television is totally unwatchable without alcohol.

One bit of watchable television is Bruce Parry's latest effort

Arctic with Bruce Parry

Towards the end of the program, you can see some Greenlandic kids using wobblers while practising their shooting (does that make them shooting sticks?)

The board in the picture neatly demonstrates the design dilemma - an unstable board is good at testing your balance, but you cannot edge, and it is less good at developing core strength. A stable board does not get you working hard enough on the balance elements.

Enter our latest design, the wobbler extreme, which lets you experience the best of both worlds. Details on the website soon.