Saturday, 22 September 2012

Trip Planning

Used the SeaKayakWales trip planning service (currently undergoing beta testing) yesterday. Forecast was NNE3/4 sunshine and showers. According to the trip plan, I was due to leave Foel at 11:15, and was not much later at 11:30 ...

A quiet start at Foel

Looking to windward
Pretty calm conditions to begin with, but livened up a bit later, and had to work reasonably hard on the stretch from Plas Newydd to Nelson.

Approaching 'Southport Girl'

Got to Nelson at about 13:15 (ETA from trip plan was 13:35), before paddling back to the shore at Pwll Fanogl.

Busy at Fanogl
A few people about, including some that were interested in my paddle. Lunched on tea and sausages - some things taste better outdoors.

The Plas Menai taxi
A group from Plas Menai were dinghy sailing - here getting ferried out to their boats. Could nearly keep up with them on the way back until the wind picked up and they zoomed off. Still, a quick return trip with wind and tide both in my favour. Off the water at 15:10 - about 19k paddled.

Sailing By

Assume clipped pompous 'Yachtie' voice - "I must say, the standard of seamanship on display by some was dire - fenders hanging everywhere, poor choice of sail ..."