Sunday, 10 June 2012

Milos - Monday, The Akradia Islands

Calm conditions (can this really be Milos) and a very relaxed trip out to The Akradia Islands.

Getting ready to launch at Firopotamos

Small Anglesey Stick with epoxied end caps

Catherine with Rod in a double

First cave of the week

Plenty of rock hopping and arches

Romance after 36 years - Akradia islands in the background

Orderly paddle (the odd ferry passes) across to the islands followed by a circumnavigation of each prior to landing at the 'port'.

John - now you see him

A graceful entry into the water

Self rescue

The 'port' 
Time for a relaxed swim before lunch up the hill by the old church, and a visit to the lighthouse which is becoming seriously decrepit.

About 12k paddled

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