Monday, 15 July 2013

Sunset strip

It was looking like a busy week-end for both of us, but we had a few hours to spare on Saturday evening, so used the SeaKayakWales trip planning service to find something suitable. It came up with a low-tide option paddling from Foel

Caernarfon Castle

through the sandbanks to Caernarfon, then ride the ebbing tide down to Fort Belan before crossing to Abermenai Point.

Our shadows at Abermenai Point
Fairly busy with visiting boats though we were the only kayakers and enjoyed a quiet picnic while the tide slowed and thought about coming in again.

Leaving Abermenai Point
Then back up the Anglesey shore

Old blue eyes

with the first of the flood tide

Nearly sunset
and the last of the sunshine

Caernarfon ar traeth

about 12k paddled in light winds.

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