Friday, 7 June 2013

An Assistant's Life - part three - a typical day - continued - after lunch

After lunch there is often a more concerted paddling effort that brings us in time back to our starting point, or round a spectacular headland to some small harbour ready for a vehicle shuffle. One way trips are good for customers provided they end somewhere comfortable - you can't really beat an ice-cream at Pollonia or the shear beauty of landing at Firapotomas - but more hassle obviously for staff who work an extra hour, and miss out on the ice-cream.

At the end of the day (not a phrase I thought I would ever use in a blog) there are always happy smiling faces, but they tend to fall into two groups - the animated happy faces that are already talking about tomorrow, and the very tired happy faces who are looking forward to a shower, food and bed.

Some of the '6 day' paddlers will have discovered something new, with a trip offshore or maybe an exciting ride in the front of a double.

Day trippers are very thankful (I think for the experience, rather than just to be alive) for what has usually been at least a good days paddling, and is sometimes a great day's paddling and a real eye-opener as to what you can do in a sea kayak. The great days are usually the result of lots of wind or lots of waves or both, and it may be that there is a certain relief in coming through the experience that heightens their overall enjoyment.

I can say that the thanks are gratifying, but it is tough being kissed by so many young women - I suppose I will just have to put up with it for a few more days.

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