Monday, 20 August 2012

Three times in one week

Unless I am on holiday, and even then, probably only if it is a kayaking holiday, it is a rare enough treat to get out on the water more than once or twice a week.


Rich had this idea of joining Roger at Aberdaron, paddling round to Porth Oer via the delights of Bardsey Sound (all I am saying is that it lived up to its reputation) and then walking back to collect the car. About 16k of paddling (no pictures as it was not the kind of conditions where you wanted to let go of your paddle - you know, when nobody talks much as they are concentrating on staying in the boat)


Paddled Dafarch to Holyhead (with Roger and Kev as far as North Stack), and yes, it still is quite a long way round the breakwater- mind you I was not in a hurry and more than happy to bimble along

Early morning at Dafarch

We begin our quest

Approaching South Stack
Conditions could not have been much more different as we searched in turn for Penrhyn Mawr and the Stacks' Races.

The trip completed my circumnavigation of Anglesey in the record time of 4 years (less 10 days) - John will be getting worried that I am becoming a threat. I celebrated by leaving all my kit at Nigel's place (thanks) then walked back to Dafarch to collect the car.


We have friends over from Ireland who want to try sea kayaking, so head for one of Anglesey's best beginners spots:

A rare outing for Tim's Capella and the stealth boat

Irene gets the knack

Happy paddlers (Ok, I am the grumpy one at the back)

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